Junior National Law Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt, and the legal industry, like any other industry, had to endure its dire consequences.

Not only were courthouses closed indefinitely and laws becoming obsolete, a change in the legal system was imminent. In a simpler sense one could say that the pandemic has challenged the traditional legal system that Sri Lanka saw fit to follow for decades on end. However, in this time of crisis, we saw courthouses going digital and members of the legal profession quickly adapting to these technological changes. These changes were not just limited to the everyday court procedure but we also saw laws being amended to suit the current necessities.

Moreover, there are several other changes to be implemented to the current legal system which would be a welcome change to us as young lawyers.

With COVID-19 creating ‘a new normal’ in terms of digitization and adaption of new legal precedents, we as young lawyers must be open to such changes. It is with this in mind that the Junior National Law Conference for the year 2021 will revolve around the theme of “Embracing Transformation.”

The Junior National Law Conference is a safe haven for young lawyers to share their ideas and mingle with like-minded peers. We hope that this year’s conference would open up the doors for a brighter future with members of the legal profession who have embraced transformation wholeheartedly.

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